ANNIE the Musical is Truly a Childhood Memory Best!

Take yourself back to the memories of your childhood.  One of your favorite movies that you always wanted to watch.  Had the doll that looked just like the character.  Yup,  I’m talking about ANNIE!  You knew every song from the movie and drove your parents crazy singing them all day long.  Every girl wanted to be ANNIE.

ANNIE the Musical is traveling right now and happened to stop in Seattle so I could see it.  It’s been a long time since I’ve seen it but the minute the show started it all came back to me….  the music!


I couldn’t believe the young girls in the show and how well they did.  What a voice they have!!  When they started singing I think everyone in the theatre had a smile on their face.

My daughter brought her friend and I was sitting next to her.  I remember about halfway through the show she leaned over to me and said “It’s just like watching it on TV!”.  🙂    The girls were laughing and on the edge of their seats through out he whole show.


It really takes you back in time watching the show but they’re right in front of you.  Fabulous dancing and singing.  I really have no complaints at all on the show.  It was that good!  Even Sandy (the dog) was there.  Very well trained dog.

The stage was set to perfection.  From all the different scenes it made you feel like you where there.



So glad that my daughter and her friend got to experience this.  I know that this is something that they’ll alway remember.

Still can purchase tickets for the PARAMOUNT available on-line at and, by calling 877-STG-4TIX (784-4849) or in person at select Ticketmaster locations and at The Paramount Theatre Box Office (Monday through Friday, 10am to 6pm).

ANNIE will be at Seattle’s Paramount Theatre for eight performances. The schedule for the Seattle engagement is:

Sunday, September 20 1:00 pm and 6:30pm – An Open Caption performance
Tuesday, September 22 7:30pm
Wednesday, September 23 7:30pm
Thursday, September 24 7:30pm
Friday, September 25 8:00pm
Saturday, September 26 2:00pm – An ASL / AVIA Interpreted performance
and 8:00pm
*For tickets to the ASL- Open Caption performances, call the TTY line at 888-331-6774

For tickets and information, visit:


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