Disney’s on Ice Frozen is Amazing!

What a magical show to see…  Frozen on Ice!  You get to hear the famous songs that everyone knows (get stuck in your head) but the look on all the little girls faces is priceless.

Disney on Ice has always been popular and now Frozen is the newest.  You have little girls dressing up in their favorite characters (even boys coming cause why not… they love Frozen too!).

Ice skating is something that I think all ages love.  I still look at them and wonder how the heck can they hold them selves up?  Every time I go I need to hold the railing.  They look like they are skating on butter…  piece of cake.


You ever wonder what a cast member goes through?

I interviewed Cassandra Smith.  She’s from Tacoma, WA.  So this was great.  I live not too from her and so we had so things in common.

She started at the age of 4 – I knew they started young but didn’t know that young!

They have about 10-12 shows a week (yikes… either I’d be in total great shape of be in my death bed).  They don’t need to practice much because of that but she and other cast mates do other kinds of activities like Yoga to keep in shape.  She also schedules skate sessions on off days before or after shows to practice.

They all do their own hair and make-up.  Pretty impressive since they all look perfect!  I wonder if they get tired of doing it cause I dread doing mine each day.  Granted I’m not getting paid to put on mine.  LOL

They typically (for this show) gets about 1-2 days of free time.  That’s because they need to set up ice and stage.   Cassandra likes to venture off and see local city attractions with her cast members.  They don’t typically plan what they do till they get there.  I remember those days with out kids and not having to plan things.  🙂

She plans on going to College after the show ends but then again if something else comes up then who knows.  She loves to skate.  I guess after you have invested this much time into it, you take advantage of all offers that come to you that you’d love to do!

I did ask about how they travel and where they stay typically since its not like a broadway show.  There is more involved with ice, practicing, etc…    Cassandra said that they will usually take busses together but sometimes fly.   They have luggage limits too just the same as if anyone was to fly.  They have someone that books all their hotel stays for them (unless they are close to their homes and then they will stay with family).


Disney on Ice Frozen

I bet that they must be the MOST in shape people out there!!  I saw their legs in the show and probably could crush me!  MUSCLES!


It was a truly great show though.  They really incorporated as much of the movie as they could into the show and getting ALL the fabulous songs into it!


Do you want to see if they’re coming to a city close to you?  Click HERE!!

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 Disney on Ice Frozen is currently in the Seattle area.  To see times and locations click HERE!

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