Beauty and The Beast is a Must See Musical!

If you have to pick one musical to see in your lifetime then make it Beauty and The Beast.  I was very impressed from start to finish with the show.  I took my daughter with me and she was on edge of her seat cracking up through out the whole show.

Each singer was amazing.  Not sure why they’re doing this when they could be producing a record album (is that what you call it these days?). They all have some amazing singing talent and you can tell that this is a top show.   Belle though…  took your breath away.  You know that it was going to be a great performance when they started singing and it gave me goosebumps.

Sit back and watch the different scenes with all the fabulous costumes.  The stage is set to take you away and you forget you’re sitting amongst others.  Which character is your favorite and which one is more like you as you sit there and watch them.  I think there is a little bit of us in all of them.



Streamers shooting out into the audience…  people cheering, laughing, clapping, it was a great entertaining show!  Whether you’ve watched Beauty and The Beast before or not you’ll love it.


Lots of little girls dressed up as Belle.  Crowns to purchase at the gift store and you leave there with great songs stuck in your head and a happy feeling in you.


Right now you can catch Beauty and The Beast at the Seattle Paramount Theatre.  For tickets to the December 11-13th show or to see when it will come to a city near you click HERE

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