My Opinion on Star Wars, The Force Awakens

Was invited to the screening of Star Wars, The Force Awakens on the 15th.  Had to keep it a secret and was very hard.   They even closed down the theatre for all 60 of us press to see.  Scanning me before I went in like at the airport and I had to check my phone.  Serious stuff ya know!

Movie started promptly and took me a bit to figure out who was who.  New characters and this is now in the future.  Wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about it.  Trailers didn’t tell me a whole lot.


I wont spoil the movie for you but the trailers do nothing for you.  The movie is full of surprises.   Really crazy, awesome, love this movie kind of surprises!   I was truly enjoying the movie from start to finish.  Not a dull moment.  All I can say is… WOW!

The Force Awakens is my FAVORITE of them all!!

Yes,  I must say that The Force Awakens is my favorite Star Wars out of all of them.  Had me in tears about 4 times (not telling you if happy or sad either).   Will tell you this…  all the men in the theatre were crying as well through out the movie.  Had the same feedback that they really enjoyed it and could be their favorite one too.

I think Star Wars is just an emotional movie though.  We grew up with it and the wait was finally over.  We’ve finally seen it!  From the music to the characters it was a roller coaster just watching it.


I loved that they brought back our favorite characters, but the way they incorporated them into the story and created this awesome epic story line, I’m still at awe.   Quite a breath taking movie that I’m so glad was done.

You wont be disappointed by the graphics.  No fake looking here.  It felt real and like you were there.

Well worth the wait and looking forward to another Star Wars from J.J. Abrams!


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