Marvel Live is the Perfect Show for the Whole Family!

I recently took my son and his two friends and their mom to Marvel Live at the Tacoma Dome.  We all some kind of Marvel shirt which I thought was cute.  I didn’t really know what to expect but had heard good things about the show.

From the minute the show started all three boys were on the edge of their seats the entire show.  They never talked or I think even moved.  I kept looking over at them cause this wasn’t normal.  They never sit in one spot for this long.  Where they breathing?



I could see their mouths drop and them pointing at some of their favorite moments.  I asked my son later who was all there at the show and I believe he could name them all.  Me… not so much unless I looked it up.  This is pretty cool that kids can watch their favorite Marvel characters LIVE!





They had some great stunts.  Tons of motorcycles and these guys were pros!  The things they did had me on the edge of my seat!!  The fighting scenes that would go along with the sound effects (I think they’ve done this before).  Kids (and adults) were rooting on their favorite characters.

Fire, flying, jumps, climbing, flips, fighting, lasers…  they had it all!


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