Chore Chart with Gaming Minutes Instead of Money!

Kids now days are so involved around electronics.  I have a love/hate relationship with video games.  Minute they come home from school to the minute they wake up.  Also depends on the age of the child.  However, seems that pretty much from babies to adults we are living our lives around some kind of device.  Kids are wanting cell phones at an early age and everything cost money.  Kids aren’t grasping that and think because their friends have it so should they.

Chores have always been in issue in my house.  If its nice outside they want to play.  Weekends they want to play on a device (since I don’t let them play video games during week).  Sports non stop so how do I get them to help out around the house?   By creating a chore chart that lets them earn their own minutes to play games during the weekends.

They can however lose minutes too.  If they forget their lunch, homework, etc at school or at home then will get negative minutes highlighted.  Forget their jacket at school or even forget to bring their glasses to school its another negative.  However, they can sweep, bring down their laundry, make bed, dishes, etc…  to build up their minutes.  They do have to let me know before they do positive minutes first so no fighting amongst each other.  🙂

So below is mine.  Each number showing is by minutes.  Saturday and Sunday they get to use them and also can still add more.  They cannot use them towards next week.  Starts all over again.

Create your own sheet that fits your home lifestyle!

Chore Chart for Gaming Minutes

Helpful Hints:

  • Create chores that they can do
  • They wont be able to do every day but still can be on list (notice garbage cans is only on Tuesday…  they just need to take off the street and bring them back up)
  • Create negative ones to let them know if they don’t put something away or forget something they can get negative minutes.
  • Try a trial run the first week with minutes.  If you have to up the minutes or make them smaller then you know.  Don’t print out a whole bunch till you try it out first.
  • You’ll be surprised how all of a sudden they want to help around the house just so they can play some games!!!!


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