Experience Something Like No Other With The BLUE MAN GROUP!

First timers have it the best cause you have no idea what to expect when you see the Blue Man Group.  Yes, they’re blue but now I know why people keep coming back to their shows.

For my first show I didn’t really think much of it.  I knew they threw some paint around,  played some music out of pipes, looked kind of creepy and that was about it.   What I didn’t expect was to WOW me.


This show was truly an on-the-edge of your seat, laughing gut buster, amazing music, and I even got to stand (no spoilers).

Anyone of all ages would love to see Blue Man Group.  Family friendly and no intermission so not too long.


If you really want interaction with the show I suggest getting seats in the front section.  Live entertainment comes out to the show!   First few rows though gets ponchos (hint, hint).  Either way you’ll have fun no matter where you sit.


Sit in your chair and enjoy a show that is like no others.  Crazy, creepy, goofy, blue men that are incredible!


It makes you wonder why I haven’t seen it before…

When will I see it again…


Blue Man Group at The Paramount Theatre right now and also on tour and selling out FAST!   To see dates and times click HERE!


FUN FACTS!  During a week of performance, the tour uses the following:

  • 25 drum heads, including both the band loft and stage
  • 14 cymbals are used with the drum kit
  • 24 drumsticks
  • 550 feet of piping are used to make the PVC tubed instruments
  • 50 gallons of paint
  • 32 pounds of Jello
  • 8 boxes of Cap’n Crunch cereal
  • 96 pieces of white chocolate toblerone
  • 240 marshmallows
  • 800 mashed up bananas
  • 40 boxes of Twinkies Lights (each Twinkie has just 130 calories!)
  • 9 cakes of blue makeup specially made for Blue Man Group (they even have their own proprietary color Blue Man Blue)
  • 27 bald caps


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