Save Time By Getting Your Family’s Immunization Records Online!

If you don’t need to see the doctor wouldn’t you love that!  Nothings worse then taking time out of your day to sit in the waiting room for who knows how long then to finally get in ONLY because you need some immunization records.  Even making the phone call down there takes time out of your day.  They typically wont mail them or fax them to you so you have to make the trip to their office whether you like it or not.

What if you could change all that?

What if YOU had control and access to your families records?

Washington MyIR can save you time and has made it super easy for you.  Now you can go online and print out your own immunization records for your family for free!  It’s simple and whenever you need a record you can get them with out having to visit your doctors office.  How great is that!




  • Changing doctors (saves you time… print it out and all your medical history is right there)
  • Proof of immunization for school or camps
  • Preparing to travel or move outside the country
  • Emergency preparedness
  • Managing records for someone (like elderly, foster, etc…)



Using your phone, tablet or computer.  Register each member of the family.  View and download to print your up-to-date immunization records.  Super simple and FREE!  Click to register.



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