Jeep’s Ride Along Experience at the Auto Shows

Seeing cars at the Auto Shows is one thing but actually getting to sit and ride in them is a whole different experience.  Jeep has created a course to test your limits and experience just how far you can go with them!  Of course you have a professional driver taking you around the course and showing you how the cars work on these fun, creative courses.



Now you might not actually go off road or places that actually would be in this  kind of conditions but its nice to know that if you had to that you can.  Having someone show you how to actually use the vehicle and talk about it as you drive through each situation is really nice.

I felt really safe riding in the Jeeps.  The drivers also made sure to let us know that nothing bad was going to happen (of course).  They were there to show case all that they could do for us with out totally giving us a heart attack.  Lot of times when you do a test drive at the dealership you don’t get to experience this kind of details and “off road” type of level.  This was really taking it to the next level and making me want to visit a Jeep dealership very soon just to get my hands on one!




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Jeep has a wide range of vehicles to choose from.  Each with a different look and driving experience to fit your needs.

  • Compass
  • Renegade
  • Grand Cherokee
  • Wrangler Unlimited
  • Cherokee
  • Patriot



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