Springfree Trampoline is Full of Surprises!

If you were to invest in a Trampoline that was safe for your children and the friends that use it then Springfree Trampoline is will put you at ease.  One of the reasons why you should visit one of their hosted events is cause you can test out the trampolines and the kids have a blast!

I recently attended the Frozen event in Issaquah to see the new Tgomo device.  Tons of kids showed up in their frozen themed outfits.  Food, drinks, activities, and even the Frozen movie was shown.

This was a great time for parents to check out the trampolines and see just what they were about.  The new Tgoma app was a huge hit as well.  Making it fun and getting kids outside more (away from gaming inside).





Check out upcoming Seattle events by clicking HERE!







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