DIY Holiday Crackers

Holiday Crackers(poppers) are so fun to place on the tables not only for decoration but great entertainment while you eat.  The ones you buy can be expensive so why not make your own!

You can google online to find parts for it or just find them around your home. I don’t add the “snap” part (when you pull the ends and it snaps when you pull it) cause just takes more time and money.

What I used to make mine:

  • Toilet paper tubes
  • Tissue paper
  • String or yarn
  • Tape (for the tissue paper)
  • Fillers for inside the tubes (riddles, toys, paper hats, candy, etc…)

Fill the tubes with the items.  Cut the tissue paper so all are same size.  Roll on tube.  Tape on with small piece.  Tie ends with string and your done!!


Print out some riddles online, find some inexpensive fillers at your local Dollartree, and the color of tissue paper to what theme is going with your table.  The only thing I purchased was the paper hats.  They typically come with the crackers.  Was like $3.50 online for 24 of them.  So fun to watch everyone wearing them at the tables.

I even took a dab of glue and added names (place cards) to the tops of them.




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