Check Out the Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Smartwatch!

If you don’t own a smartwatch yet then you’ve been missing out.  I don’t leave home with out mine.  Being a woman they can sometimes be bulky but I still don’t care.  These things are wonderful!  I could never hear my phone in my purse before and now it will vibrate if someone is calling […]

AT&T Carries More Then Just Phones!

When you think of AT&T you probably just think of phones.   Far from the truth cause they carry so much more tech devices out there and so fun going into one of their stores to check out the newest devices. From speakers to movie projectors, smart watches, disco light shows, car devices, home internet… […]

Why Should You Choose The Samsung Galaxy S7?

Smartphones are coming out all the time and typically you stick with what you know best.  When choosing a Samsung product you know that you’ll be getting a quality product.  The Galaxy S7 smartphone has it all.  Now only if it did the dishes for me I’d be even more impress! Why should you choose […]

BOGO Free GoPhone Through AT&T!

Phones are a necessary part of our everyday life these days.  Here’s your chance to save money for the family with this great offer from AT&T! Starting Friday, and for a limited time at participating stores, you can buy one AT&T GoPhone and get one free.1 Buy a new AT&T GoPhone and you get another […]

Free Movie Tickets Once a Week from AT&T!

Summer is a great time to head to the movies.  AT&T is helping you out with free tickets!  Kids are out of school, air conditioned theaters, family time, or just to relax! AT&T is thankful for its customers, and to show its gratitude, the company is giving customer some tokens of our appreciation. AT&T is […]

Samsung Galaxy S7 is the Way to Go!

Choosing a new phone can drive you bonkers.  You want the best.  Why not when you’re investing into something and using it daily.  Take the time and do the research.   First phone to research is the new Samsung S7. When you pick a Samsung product you know you’ve picked a quality item. They’ve managed […]

AT&T to Hire 20,000 Vets by 2020

AT&T is helping others for them helping us!  Doubling its military hiring commitment, AT&T* has announced it plans to hire an additional 10,000 veterans for a total of 20,000 by 2020. This commitment was announced at today’s White House Joining Forces event, along with more than 50 other companies dedicated to hiring and training veterans […]

Keep Your Eyes on the Road and Don’t TEXT!

Whether your state has banned texting while driving or not, its not safe!  I can always tell the ones that are doing “something” in their car.  As you drive past them more often then not they’re on the phone texting.  Swerving into other lanes, speeding up then going really slow.  Do they realize how they […]

New Samsung Smartphones Available Through AT&T

You can’t go wrong with a Samsung phone.  Not only that but they’re always on top when it comes to technology… coming out with new phones, better ones all the time.  AT&T* is continuing to expand its industry leading selection of Samsung devices with a trio of new smartphones. Starting today, you will be able […]

BOGO Galaxy S7 Through AT&T!

Limited time offer and does expire soon!  Buy the new Samsung Galaxy S7 and get one free from AT&T!   AT&T is doing it again, this time on the latest and greatest smartphones. Now, new and existing AT&T customers can purchase the new Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 edge and get a Galaxy S7 free when […]