Easter Brunch Punch Recipes

Hosting Easter at your home?  Well, then you need a cheerful beverage that everyone will love!   If doing a brunch, typically will make a huge batch of non-alcoholic punch that also goes great in champagne too.  So kids and adults are happy.  You could also make two different kinds…  one for the kids and […]

Tween Birthday Party Ideas

Not quite a Teen (might act like one) but still young enough to enjoy some of the fun stuff and yet they want to plan their own parties now.  Basically, its getting more difficult each year.  lol Too old for Chuck-e-Cheese and too young for letting them loose on their own.  They are at a […]

The Party Works Giveaway!

Planning a Birthday or any other kind of party?  Can become costly adding everything up.  The Party Works has everything you need to create that perfect event come true.  With FREE ground shipping on orders over $35 makes it so much easier too!  Planning a party shouldn’t be stressful…  make it fun for yourself by […]

Super Hero Birthday Party Ideas

Kids love Super Heroes.   The great thing about having a birthday party theme around it is that you can incorporate so many different characters into one party.  Makes it way easier when you are looking for decorations or ideas for the party.   And if you are like my son he has a few […]

Cupcake Party

Birthdays can be so much fun for kids.  But girls are beginning to transform into little mamma’s these days.  They love to bake, want to be princesses, have babies (plastic ones), dress up, etc…   Next thing you know they will be graduating high school… college and then walking down the aisle in a wedding […]

Easy Kit Kat Ice Cream Cake

Candy Shop Ice Cream Cake..Whether you need a birthday cake to WOW the kids with, or a frozen treat to cool off with, this is the ultimate ice cream cake! Recipe by Laura Bashar of Family Spice   Click HERE for this refreshing summer day/birthday day/ every day treat recipe!! ……………………..

How To Make Tutu’s The Easy Way

Every girl needs a tutu or two or three.   They are so popular and fun to play with.  For my daughters 7th birthday party I decided to make each girl that attended a tutu so they could wear them at the party and take them home.  Buying them would be too expensive.   I […]