Blackberry Recipes

Summertime means fabulous blackberries!  You spend all that time picking them and now you need some wonderful, delicious recipes to go with them! Here’s some recipes to help you out!   ……….. BLACKBERRY CRUMB BARS For this recipe click HERE ……… ……… Blackberry Fruit Roll-Ups Click HERE for this recipe ……. ……. BLACKBERRY VANILLA SWEET […]

Christmas Morning Breakfast Ideas

Christmas morning is a magical day.  Full of laughter, smiles and time with your family.  Food is also another great comforting aroma in the house Christmas morning with a great breakfast.  Something that is unique then any other day.  Here are some ideas to make this special day memorable. ………… BLUEBERRY CROISSANT PUFF Click HERE […]

Delicious Banana Bread

I love banana bread and its one of those things that you can have morning, noon or night.  Plus it smells up the house with an amazing smell!  I love this recipe that I use all the time.  It’s moist and has lots of flavor. ………. Ingredients 1 3/4 cup flour 1 1/4 tsp baking […]

It’s all About Strawberries and Delicious Recipes

Strawberries are so yummy and such a fun food to use in so many different ways.   Sweet, savory, or just eat them alone.  Whichever you prefer you can’t go wrong.   A strawberry is such a perfect little berry.  So fun to pick and kids just love to steal them from the garden.  If […]

Make Overnight Breakfast Ideas

When you are busy or there is a Holiday involved you don’t really want to be slaving away in the kitchen in morning trying to make tons of food.  Save some time with Make Ahead Breakfast food.  That way you can relax and also will save you on cleaning as well. Here are some ideas […]

St. Patricks Day Breakfast

I love decorating for St. Patricks Day.  Taking down the Valentines and putting up all the green before Easter.  On St. Patricks Day I also try to make as much as the food through out the day green… except for dinner which is the normal Corn Beef and Cabbage dinner (of course).  🙂   Here […]