Chore Chart with Gaming Minutes Instead of Money!

Kids now days are so involved around electronics.  I have a love/hate relationship with video games.  Minute they come home from school to the minute they wake up.  Also depends on the age of the child.  However, seems that pretty much from babies to adults we are living our lives around some kind of device. […]

DIY Chore Boards for Under $2

Getting your kids to do things around the house can be challenging some days or all days.  I found that if I write them down each day for them that they’re more likely to do them.  I also include homework, reading and somedays I’ll put fun things on there so its not always chores.  It’s […]

Chore Charts for Kids

Chore charts are great for back-to-school.  Gets the kids back into a routine after summer break.  Try to make it some what fun for them though and let them kind of take control so that way they feel like they are not being told what to do but they have more of a say.  Makes […]