Get the Cleanest Dishes from Your Dishwasher with Finish Max in 1

A dishwasher will do most of the work but not all.  You need some kind of dishwashing cleaner to put in it to complete it.  I’ve recently tried the Finish Max in 1 which is wrapper free and I love how crystal clear my glasses came out!  I hate spots!!  Everything shined and was super […]

Organize your Medicine Cabinet with Photo Storage Boxes

Medicine cabinets can be a nightmare.  Mainly because you never can find what you’re looking for and most of the stuff is usually expired when you do find it.  Trying to organize it is not always fun but when your little one is sick it will really be comforting to be able to find what […]

Cleaning your Converse

If you’ve ever had Converse shoes then you know that they will not always stay white.  They’re so beautiful brand new but we wear the but load out of them and call them “well used”.  So how do you clean your Converse shoes?   Throwing them in the washer is one way but can also […]

The Junk Drawer vs Me

Junk drawers… we all have them.  Right?!  Please tell me you do and I’m not the only one.  Didn’t start off that way.  Moved into the house and didn’t know what to put in it.  Then next thing ya know…  the stuff you don’t want people to see when they come over got shoved into […]

Spring Clean Your Kitchen #SixOrganizedWeeks

I know we should deep clean more then once a year but finding the time to actually do it can be difficult. We basically live in our kitchens and food goes in and out on a daily basis.  We host parties, kids come and go, cooking is non stop and I just might lose my […]

Try the New Bounty with Dawn!

Paper towels are a necessity in your household.  You probably use them daily for cleanups, cleaning, cooking, eating, etc…   Bounty has come out with some pretty cool paper towels that have Dawn in them. Simple add some water in them and they become cleaning towels.  Now you can wash you counters, dishes, tables, high […]

Chore Charts for Kids

Chore charts are great for back-to-school.  Gets the kids back into a routine after summer break.  Try to make it some what fun for them though and let them kind of take control so that way they feel like they are not being told what to do but they have more of a say.  Makes […]