Christmas Cookie Recipes

December is time to bake and celebrate the fun cheerful month.  I love to try new cookie recipes each year and yet still make those family favorites.   I even let the kids get involved now that they’re are getting older by having them pick out a recipe for them to make.  Something fun and […]

The Best Pumpkin Recipes

You can pretty much make anything with pumpkin.  They seem to have a pumpkin recipe for just about everything out there.  Best part is the smell that it produces…  heavenly!  It’s definitely fall when you have pumpkin aroma in your home. Always try to keep a couple cans of pumpkin puree in your home so […]

Girl Scouts Savannah Smiles Lemon Blueberry Mini Tarts

Girl Scout cookies are almost here!  I try to avoid them…  yes,  cause I can only buy so many boxes.  I consider them the best of the best of cookies.  Oh my!  I have my favorites.  So when I had this opportunity to participate in a recipe contest for bloggers I had to do it. […]

Christmas Candy Recipes

Looking for ideas for your Christmas Candy baking?   I always seem to bake pretty much the same things every year.  So I went searching for some new CANDY recipes.  Can’t wait to try these out!   BUTTERSCOTCH SQUARES Click HERE for this recipe ………… ………. 5 MINUTE ROCKY ROAD FUDGE Click HERE for recipe […]

My Favorite Christmas Cookies

I love to bake Christmas cookies this time of year.  Something about playing Christmas music in the background and having the kitchen a mess while you have the smell of wonderful sweets.  I try to start doing them all a week before Christmas and freeze them till time to take them out.  Unless they are […]

Strawberry Recipes to Die For!

Strawberries are popular for so many reasons.  One main reason that they are delicious.  Second, that you can use strawberries in so many different ways to prepare them.  And third, did I mention that strawberries were delicious!!  YUM!! Here are some recipes for you to try out.  Feel free to add some other fruit that […]