DIY Holiday Crackers

Holiday Crackers(poppers) are so fun to place on the tables not only for decoration but great entertainment while you eat.  The ones you buy can be expensive so why not make your own! You can google online to find parts for it or just find them around your home. I don’t add the “snap” part […]

Valentine Treats and Decorations

Valentines is a time for love.  A time for showing our friends, family and loved ones that we care for them.  Its actually a fun holiday as you don’t need to have a significant other in order to celebrate this day but just people in your life that you care about.  Celebrate this next Valentines […]

Seahawks Decorations and Food

If you’re a Seahawks fan then you enjoy game day and going all out with Seahawks decorations and food!  12 fans are the best coming up with some very creative and unique things to decorate themselves but also their homes.  Food has also been exciting to see as you find blue and green food that […]

Super Bowl Decoration Ideas

If you are throwing a gathering at your home for Super Bowl then of course you need to be in the “football” mood of decorations.  Whether you like football or not you can really come up with some fun stuff just to pump up your guest for the big game!  I am here to help […]

New Years Eve Party Ideas

Have fun with your New Years Eve party this year with fun, glamourous party ideas!  Keep it simple but handmade!  You will be surprised with just a little inspiration of ideas and you mind can come up with all the rest! ……………. BUFFET TABLE BACKDROP Any store that sells fabric and you can get creative […]

What To Do With Washi Tape

If you haven’t seen the huge craze of Washi Tape yet then you are missing out!  It has taken over Pinterest and even the craft stores.  Washi tape is decorative Japanese tape that crafters are completely OBSESSED with and with so many choices to choose from it has so many opportunities that will just make […]