DIY Holiday Crackers

Holiday Crackers(poppers) are so fun to place on the tables not only for decoration but great entertainment while you eat.  The ones you buy can be expensive so why not make your own! You can google online to find parts for it or just find them around your home. I don’t add the “snap” part […]

DIY Milk Popsicles

Kids and heat don’t always mix.  They become crabby or hungry or hot.  Keep them cool with easy Milk Popsicles that are so easy to make.  Yup… basically just grabbing whatever you have out of your pantry or fridge and somehow your kids will love them.  Milk or Chocolate milk will work and then you […]

DIY Chore Boards for Under $2

Getting your kids to do things around the house can be challenging some days or all days.  I found that if I write them down each day for them that they’re more likely to do them.  I also include homework, reading and somedays I’ll put fun things on there so its not always chores.  It’s […]

DIY Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

With Mother’s Day coming up sometimes finding that right gift to show your mom how much you mean to her can be hard.  She usually has what she needs already or she is very hard to buy for.   You can ask her what she wants and if she is anything like my mom her […]

DIY Fall Wreaths

I love fall and the crisp air that it brings.  Leaves turning colors and Holidays about to come.  But what I also love is being able to finally decorate my home again!  Some of us don’t always have the time or money to fully decorate our homes but what we can do is little things […]

Where To Find Pallets and What To Do With Them

Pallets are the new trend.  You can do so many things with pallets.  The question is, where do you get them from?  You’ll have to go research yourself at your local areas and see if they will give you them for free.  I’m here to help you on where to search though.  Also going to […]

DIY Cake Stands

Cake, cupcake or even food stands or very popular for any occasion these days.  Elevating it off the table makes it a more elegant yet creative look!  Don’t spend a fortune buying a brand new one… create your own!  I am going to show you how I spent $2.00 plus some glue to make mine […]

What to do With Conversation Heart Candies!

I love Valentines and I love to decorate for it!  It actually kind of helps me get over the depression of getting over Christmas ending.  I tend to put up Valentines as I am taking down Christmas.  Call me crazy but it works for me.  I even plan ahead and put read lights where I […]