Blackberry Recipes

Summertime means fabulous blackberries!  You spend all that time picking them and now you need some wonderful, delicious recipes to go with them! Here’s some recipes to help you out!   ……….. BLACKBERRY CRUMB BARS For this recipe click HERE ……… ……… Blackberry Fruit Roll-Ups Click HERE for this recipe ……. ……. BLACKBERRY VANILLA SWEET […]

When to Start Planting Your Vegetable Garden

I am always late on planting.  I keep putting it off and then I plant my things and then they never grow in time.  So frustrating.  I never know when it is the “right” time to plant everything.  In my perfect world I would love to plant everything at the same time and have them […]

Adding Succulent Plants to Your Rock Wall

Succulent plants is in the cactus family. So you know right there that you wont have to water them. They are so easy to take care of and they are beautiful in your rock wall. They are the newchoice instead of using ferns. The most commen one to use is called Hen and chicks (also known as Hen-and-chickens) […]