Inexpensive Yard Makeovers & Mini Projects

When it comes to your yard no matter what size it is, cost and time is always usually the main factor for it getting started.  You could have all the ideas in the world but something is usually slowing you down on the process.  LIFE!  Yard makeovers and any kind of projects that need to […]

Safeway’s Produce Brings a Whole New Meaning to Farm Fresh with Carpinito Brothers Farm

When you go into a grocery store do you every wonder where their produce comes from?  I just assumed most came from California or basically no where local.  Thats until I went to Carpinito Brothers Farm for a tour.  Turns out that the Safeway’s in the Seattle use their produce in their stores.  I had […]

Where To Find Pallets and What To Do With Them

Pallets are the new trend.  You can do so many things with pallets.  The question is, where do you get them from?  You’ll have to go research yourself at your local areas and see if they will give you them for free.  I’m here to help you on where to search though.  Also going to […]

Easy Inexpensive DIY Curb Appeal Tips

No matter what year your house is, you can do a lot by changing the look of your curb appeal. First impressions are the most important. When someone comes over to your home for the first time that is what they will see. If you are trying to sell your home, buyers will want to […]