Get Your Minecraft Products at Best Buy!

Kids are obsessed with the Minecraft game.  Is it really a game or challenging the brain? I myself watch my kids and just sit there amazed on what they build and how they can move around so easily.  I’ve tried it before and forget about it…  totally lost.  HA! With soothing music, feeding animals, building […]

DIY Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

With Mother’s Day coming up sometimes finding that right gift to show your mom how much you mean to her can be hard.  She usually has what she needs already or she is very hard to buy for.   You can ask her what she wants and if she is anything like my mom her […]

Non-Candy Easter Basket Fillers by Age Groups

Looking for an alternative then candy in your children’s Easter baskets this year?  You’ll be surprised to find out that your kids will actually not miss the candy once you fill their baskets with things that they like.  Here are some ideas for you to use and please feel free to comment and add some […]

The Greatest Gifts For Grads At Best Buy

Are you one of the many parents with an athletic grad? Well, if you’re athlete is heading off to college and no longer has Mom to help keep them healthy! The new Jawbone UP24 available at Best Buy is definitely the grad gift for you. Keep track of everything from sleep patterns (UP24 will vibrate […]

Nerd Block Jr. Giveaway!

Are you looking for activities for your kids to do?   Whether it be in the car, restaurants birthday present or those days where they have to stay inside.   That is why I love Nerd Block Jr!   It’s like a magazine subscription except you get a box of goodies each month.  Hands on […]

SOLOSHOT2 is the perfect gift for this Father’s Day!

Are you looking for that unique gift for that dad in your life?   Men can be so hard to buy for these days. I am tired of getting the same things every year.   That is why when I found SOLOSHOT2 I was very excited about this product and wanted to share it with […]

How to stock a Father’s Day “Man Cave” with Best Buy!

Ladies, Does you husband have a “Man Cave”? Or perhaps a man cave in the making? Well You man will love this! Every classic “Man Cave” has to have a way to play the classic man cave music! What better way than the Marshall Stanmore Bluetooth Speaker! Not only does it deliver amazing window shaking […]


This time of year it seems like there are a lot of lists going around. TO DO lists of everything that needs to get done to prepare a nice holiday for family and friends, and if you’re really organized a list of things to get squared away before welcoming in 2014. Then of course there […]

Gifts to Give Your Mom On Mother’s Day

Your Mom is your soul mate.  She is the one who carried you for 9+ months.  Amazing thing if you have had kids your self.  You know the exact feeling…  the feeling you have with your own children.  However, on Mother’s Day I find it so hard to show my mom how much I love […]

Don’t Forget To Thank The Teachers For Christmas!

Christmas time is a great time to give your children’s teacher something really special.  It doesn’t need to cost a lot but you can get creative and put just a little more time into it.  Here are some ideas for you in case you are stumped on what to give them.  🙂   Movie Gift […]