Tween Birthday Party Ideas

Not quite a Teen (might act like one) but still young enough to enjoy some of the fun stuff and yet they want to plan their own parties now.  Basically, its getting more difficult each year.  lol Too old for Chuck-e-Cheese and too young for letting them loose on their own.  They are at a […]

Win American Girl’s 2016 Girl of the Year!

What little girl doesn’t dream of American Girl dolls?  As a parent I must admit that I was skeptical at first.  That was until I took a tour at one of the stores.  I then learned about the meaning of the girls.  They each have a story.  The brand American Girl really wants little girls […]

Girls vs Boys

Oh my…   what did I sign up for when I decided to have kids.  So I had one of each and boy they are SO one of each.  Nothing alike.   Well, so I’ve heard no kids are alike.  But I really notice the difference between a girl and a boy.  Their attitudes.   […]

How To Make Tutu’s The Easy Way

Every girl needs a tutu or two or three.   They are so popular and fun to play with.  For my daughters 7th birthday party I decided to make each girl that attended a tutu so they could wear them at the party and take them home.  Buying them would be too expensive.   I […]