How to get your kids to eat healthier

What a battle this can be for a parent.  Kids don’t like something and here we are trying to force it on them.  One minute they like something and then next day “EWE”.  We want our children to not be picky eaters, to eat good.  I’m not talking about organic or non GMO’s but just […]

Healthy Crockpot Meals

School is in season and weather is getting colder.  Kids might be in sports as well.  You want to feed them something healthier but time is an issue.  So why not make a Healthy Crockpot Meal that they whole family will love! ………..   …………… CHIKEN ENCHILADA QUINOA Click HERE for this recipe ………… TUSCAN […]

Homemade Granola Recipes

Granola is a fun and healthy snack to make.  You can decide on what will be in it and usually will make a lot.   Granola is great for snacking, on-the-go, toppings to your favorite ice cream or simply adding milk and now you have tasty cereal.  Have you ever looked at the ingredients of […]

Tasty Healthy Salad Recipes

Getting tired of making the same salad every night?   With the right ingredients you can come up with some delicious and new salad recipes that will WOW your family!   Even make a meal out of it!!  Salad has now become a great alternative when you want something on the lighter side but still […]

Healthy Football Party Appetizers

Nothing says football then great food! However, that great food usually means not so healthy food. If you are celebrating a team by watching a football game at either your own home or someone else’s then usually there will be food there. There is healthier options that can still taste great for appetizers beside the […]

17 Yummy Vegetarian Recipes

Being a vegetarian doesn’t mean you need to  eat boring food.  You in fact don’t even need to be a vegetarian to enjoy these delicious recipes!  It’s all about getting creative with your food and once you get used to the health benefits of some of these great recipes I think you will enjoy!! ……… […]

Dr. Doormat – Steps of Healthier Living Giveaway!

Dr. Doormat, The first step to a healthy home!   I love to be able to provide you with awesome giveaways and this is one of them.  I truly believe in this company because I have use them before.  In this giveaway you will be able to pick the color choice that you want from […]