Bring the Family to Issaquah’s Springfree Trampoline Event!

Springfree Trampoline is so ridiculously cool that you have to experience it for yourself.  That is why the Issaquah store has fun events all the time so families can come and try out the product.  Not only does the trampolines look like futuristic trampolines but the reason behind it is cause they are so much […]

How to get your kids to eat healthier

What a battle this can be for a parent.  Kids don’t like something and here we are trying to force it on them.  One minute they like something and then next day “EWE”.  We want our children to not be picky eaters, to eat good.  I’m not talking about organic or non GMO’s but just […]

Chore Chart with Gaming Minutes Instead of Money!

Kids now days are so involved around electronics.  I have a love/hate relationship with video games.  Minute they come home from school to the minute they wake up.  Also depends on the age of the child.  However, seems that pretty much from babies to adults we are living our lives around some kind of device. […]

Thanksgiving Kids Craft Ideas

Crafts is one of the best things to keep kids busy on Thanksgiving.  Plus, they get to keep their treasured art piece and hopefully (if it makes it to next Thanksgiving) bring it out next year as a decoration.  Kids love decorating with their own art work.  Not only does making crafts take up some […]

Guidelines for Safety & Security When Purchasing Your Child’s First Phone

Kids going back to school. It’s one of those pivotal moments when parents consider whether now is the right time to purchase their child a phone. Whether it’s traveling on the bus, going over to friends’ houses afterward, and, or attending a variety of after school activities, wireless equipment and technology can help parents and […]

Are Families Happier Today Than 40 Years Ago?

Family time is important whether its small or large.  I remember just sitting on the back deck with my dad and giggling (no idea what we were laughing about) and drinking some orange juice.  Or going berry picking with the family.  We couldn’t leave till we filled up all the tupperware but I remember those […]

Girls vs Boys

Oh my…   what did I sign up for when I decided to have kids.  So I had one of each and boy they are SO one of each.  Nothing alike.   Well, so I’ve heard no kids are alike.  But I really notice the difference between a girl and a boy.  Their attitudes.   […]

The Greatest Gifts For Grads At Best Buy

Are you one of the many parents with an athletic grad? Well, if you’re athlete is heading off to college and no longer has Mom to help keep them healthy! The new Jawbone UP24 available at Best Buy is definitely the grad gift for you. Keep track of everything from sleep patterns (UP24 will vibrate […]

National Missing Children’s Day – Technology can play a role in helping parents keep their kids safe!

We mark a sad occasion tomorrow – Sunday, May 25 is National Missing Children’s Day. It’s also the unofficial start of summer, normally a great time to be a kid. It may also be a nerve-wracking time for parents since many kids may be cared for by a babysitter or older sibling. Even kids in day care and school […]

Tackle Kids’ Sports Stains

If you have a kid in sports then you undoubtedly are dealing with stains. Our friends at Tide/Gain/Downy have put together a nice little slide show chock full of tips & tricks for you. From grass stains to mud and sweat to blood tackling Kids’ Sports Stains seems like a simple task after flipping through […]