The $5.00 Savings Plan

Saving money is not always fun.  When you have it you like to spend it.  But when you need it you don’t have it.  However, once you start a savings plan and have been saving for awhile then it starts to add up and can be addicting.  Kind of like losing weight… beginning is painful […]

Easy Savings Plan

Creating a savings plan can be easier then you think.  If you are wanting to save for a vacation or next years Holidays now is the time to start doing it.  You will be quite surprised how fast your money will start saving up!  Next time you go to the store, take an extra out […]

How Much Should You Be Saving for Your Kids College Fund?

College is Expensive. Are You Going to Be Ready to Pay Out when Your Child Reaches that Age? ………….. Sending your kids to college can be very difficult if you haven’t prepared yourself early on. You need to start early with a plan. Even if your kids end up not going to college for whatever […]

5 Ways to Help (or Hurt) Your Credit Score

What Is It? A credit score is a three-digit number generally ranging from 300 – 850. The higher your score, the better credit risk lenders think you are. And that means you’ll pay lower interest rates on loans. That number can go up and down based on the way you handle your financial commitments. What […]