Super Bowl Party Ideas

Super Bowl is a thrilling day where everyone comes together to celebrate the end of the season of football AND hopefully your favorite team is playing!  This is the time where you wear your favorite team jersey and chalk your hair to the colors of the team that you want to cheer for.  Decorate your […]

FROZEN Party Ideas

FROZEN is now the new theme for parties.   Whether you are a boy or girl you can’t go wrong with throwing a FROZEN party!  So many ideas and things you can do with the movie.   You can go all girly or you can make it look all frozen with snowmen.  Let your mind […]

Super Hero Birthday Party Ideas

Kids love Super Heroes.   The great thing about having a birthday party theme around it is that you can incorporate so many different characters into one party.  Makes it way easier when you are looking for decorations or ideas for the party.   And if you are like my son he has a few […]


Lego’s will never go out of style and kids just love them!   Lego parties seem to be so popular these days why not do it yourself with these fun DIY decorations and party favors! …………….. LEGO PARTY BAGS Taking plain colored bags.  Cut out circles from either bags or from matching colored paper on […]

Football Party Ideas

Whether you like football or not if you are having friends and family over here is your chance to have fun with decorations for this football party!   These would also be great for a Birthday party! …………….. Click HERE for instructions free printable’s and recipes! ……………… ……………… Click HERE for some neat crafts and […]

Party Planning 101: How To Be The Best Hostess

Planning any kind of event can be fun if you want it to be. If you wait till the last minute then you probably aren’t going to have fun planning it but instead get stressed. So plan ahead and allow for thoughts about what you want to do. Your goal is to have your guests […]

Hawaiian Luau Themed Party

I always believe in having some kind of theme party when I host.  What better for this summer then to have a Hawaiian Luau themed party!!  Whether if its for a birthday party, reunion, back-to-school party, neighborhood gathering, etc…   When you light up your back yard with the colors of Hawaii it just changes […]