The Best Pumpkin Recipes

You can pretty much make anything with pumpkin.  They seem to have a pumpkin recipe for just about everything out there.  Best part is the smell that it produces…  heavenly!  It’s definitely fall when you have pumpkin aroma in your home. Always try to keep a couple cans of pumpkin puree in your home so […]

Yummy Thanksgiving Desserts

So your already full from the bountiful Thanksgiving dinner, so why not indulge in a yummy Thanksgiving dessert!   Something about Thanksgiving and stuffing yourself till you can’t breathe just is what you do.   But being with your family and friends and all of your going through the same thing is pretty awesome! Here […]

Seahawks Pumpkin Ideas

If you are the 12th man then you will want to decorate your pumpkin this year in a Seahawk theme!  Celebrate those hawks with your pumpkin and show your neighbors who you support.  Get fun and crazy with your pumpkins and for once…  it won’t look spooky! Most of these pumpkins don’t come with actual […]

Pumpkin, Pumpkin & Pumpkin! Loads of Delicious Desserts!

I love pumpkin and anything made with pumpkin.  Something about fall and hearing the word pumpkin.  Seeing pumpkins at the store and the color orange.  Great feeling of autumn in the air.  Now lets make some delicious desserts with this fall treat! ………. ……………… PUMPKIN PIE BARS Click HERE for this recipe ………….. NO BAKE […]

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds Recipes

So you just carved our your pumpkin and now you have your seeds.   What to do with them?  They are such a healthy snack and so yummy to eat.   Plus you can really make them any flavor you want!  Pumpkin seeds can be addicting…  just a pain to pick through all the pumpkin […]

It’s All About Drinks and Pumpkin… YUM!

I love this time of year.   Fall is finally here and pumpkins are arriving to stores.  Decorations are starting to appear and you are starting to think about costumes for your children.  Halloween is almost here!!   With that being said is one of my favorite things to eat and drink and that is […]