How to get your kids to eat healthier

What a battle this can be for a parent.  Kids don’t like something and here we are trying to force it on them.  One minute they like something and then next day “EWE”.  We want our children to not be picky eaters, to eat good.  I’m not talking about organic or non GMO’s but just […]

Christmas Cookie Recipes

December is time to bake and celebrate the fun cheerful month.  I love to try new cookie recipes each year and yet still make those family favorites.   I even let the kids get involved now that they’re are getting older by having them pick out a recipe for them to make.  Something fun and […]

Yummy Blackberry Recipes

I love picking blackberries.  Actually we get the whole family involved.  Problem is what to make with all these Blackberries that we have.  I always end up using the same recipes.  Most of the time they just sit in my freezer till the fall and then I make pies out of them.  I look at […]

DIY Milk Popsicles

Kids and heat don’t always mix.  They become crabby or hungry or hot.  Keep them cool with easy Milk Popsicles that are so easy to make.  Yup… basically just grabbing whatever you have out of your pantry or fridge and somehow your kids will love them.  Milk or Chocolate milk will work and then you […]

Try the New Bounty with Dawn!

Paper towels are a necessity in your household.  You probably use them daily for cleanups, cleaning, cooking, eating, etc…   Bounty has come out with some pretty cool paper towels that have Dawn in them. Simple add some water in them and they become cleaning towels.  Now you can wash you counters, dishes, tables, high […]

Foster Farms Frozen Chicken is the Best for Busy Families!

If you have kids then you know cooking any meal can be challenging.  Finding the time when everyone is so busy.  You want to cook something healthy but you don’t want to spend a lot of time at it either.  Foster Farms Frozen Chicken Nuggets and Strips are the way to go!  This is a […]

Fun Chex Mix Recipes

Nothing says the holidays then fun, delicious Chex Mix aka Puppy Chow!  But now there are so many different kinds that you can make.  Sweet, sweet & salty, or just salty.  Even get funky with colored ones. These are fun to make with kids and fun to eat too!   Here are some great recipes […]

Christmas Morning Breakfast Ideas

Christmas morning is a magical day.  Full of laughter, smiles and time with your family.  Food is also another great comforting aroma in the house Christmas morning with a great breakfast.  Something that is unique then any other day.  Here are some ideas to make this special day memorable. ………… BLUEBERRY CROISSANT PUFF Click HERE […]

Festive Wilton Recipes

With the Christmas ho-ho-holidays quickly approaching I wanted to share a few fun recipes from Wilton’s Treatology website, which features recipes that focus on the popular millennial trend of mixing and experimenting with flavors. I love Wilton and all that they have to offer.  Not only do they provide every kind of utensil for creating that perfect […]

Roasted Turkey Recipes

Cooking a turkey is rather quite simple.  It’s the cleaning of it that I don’t care for but once you get it all cleaned and dry it with a towel…  set it in your pan… you are ready to go.   Just cooks away in your oven and tortures you for hours with the best […]