Bring the Family to Issaquah’s Springfree Trampoline Event!

Springfree Trampoline is so ridiculously cool that you have to experience it for yourself.  That is why the Issaquah store has fun events all the time so families can come and try out the product.  Not only does the trampolines look like futuristic trampolines but the reason behind it is cause they are so much […]

Keep Your Eyes on the Road and Don’t TEXT!

Whether your state has banned texting while driving or not, its not safe!  I can always tell the ones that are doing “something” in their car.  As you drive past them more often then not they’re on the phone texting.  Swerving into other lanes, speeding up then going really slow.  Do they realize how they […]

Simple Safety Tips When Shopping Online this Holiday Season!

Takes just a minute to protect yourself a bit more this holiday season.  Shopping online always seems the “easier” way but can also lead to nightmares.  Take the time to make sure you’re doing everything you need to do to protect your family from being hacked! Shoppers in the U.S. are expected to spend $95 […]

Distracted Driving Research: Social Media Could Save Lives

More and more people are taking the “It Can Wait” very seriously.  Meaning that texting or answering a call is not that important while driving.  Too many videos or maybe hearing stories or someone getting injured just from taking their eyes off the road.  All it takes is a second. Here’s important news about “Distracted […]

Guidelines for Safety & Security When Purchasing Your Child’s First Phone

Kids going back to school. It’s one of those pivotal moments when parents consider whether now is the right time to purchase their child a phone. Whether it’s traveling on the bus, going over to friends’ houses afterward, and, or attending a variety of after school activities, wireless equipment and technology can help parents and […]

Stay Safe This 4th of July… Keep Your Eyes On The Road!

Public Safety Advisory – July 4th Weekend.  You might be a safe driver but looking out for the driver next to you is very important.  Keeping two hands on the wheel will allow you more awareness and faster reaction.  Stay safe this 4th of July. The National Safety Council estimates 409 deaths and 49,500 injuries […]

8 Tips from AT&T to Keep Kids’ Identity Intact in a ‘Share’-Happy Age

Kids are growing up online more publicly than ever before. Embarrassing photos and videos that used to be reserved for family are now wafting out over the Internet and onto social media networks. Below are some tips on how to keep your children safe in the ‘share’ happy world we now live in. 1. Think […]

National Missing Children’s Day – Technology can play a role in helping parents keep their kids safe!

We mark a sad occasion tomorrow – Sunday, May 25 is National Missing Children’s Day. It’s also the unofficial start of summer, normally a great time to be a kid. It may also be a nerve-wracking time for parents since many kids may be cared for by a babysitter or older sibling. Even kids in day care and school […]

Home Emergency Preparedness

Are you prepared at your home for the unthinkable?  You never know when something can happen and I am not talking about our kids, self, husband.  But to our home.  Yes, if something does happen to your home it can affect your family in serious ways.  Do you know what to do in situations that […]