2017 & 2018 Broadway at the Paramount Schedule!

Theatre and Musicals are exciting and something that you must do at least once.  I say pick what you enjoy or would want to see.  Sometimes its more about the kids and others….  well, adults only.  🙂 I’m super excited for this coming year’s selection!  Some great ones they’ve picked. The 2017/2018 KeyBank Broadway at […]

Jeep’s Ride Along Experience at the Auto Shows

Seeing cars at the Auto Shows is one thing but actually getting to sit and ride in them is a whole different experience.  Jeep has created a course to test your limits and experience just how far you can go with them!  Of course you have a professional driver taking you around the course and […]

Springfree Trampoline is Full of Surprises!

If you were to invest in a Trampoline that was safe for your children and the friends that use it then Springfree Trampoline is will put you at ease.  One of the reasons why you should visit one of their hosted events is cause you can test out the trampolines and the kids have a […]

Bring the Whole Family to the Seattle International Auto Show!

When you think of going to a Auto Show it might seem more like a collectors dream or more males there but in all actual there is tons of kids and families that now go to auto shows.   This is your chance to see fun, unique vehicles.  Tons of things for kids to do. […]

BEAUTIFUL – The Carole King Musical on Tour NOW!

Seeing a great musical can stay with you forever but based on a true story just adds that much more excitement, feelings and memories. Long before she was Carole King, chart-topping music legend, she was Carol Klein, Brooklyn girl with passion and chutzpah. She fought her way into the record business as a teenager and, […]

Samsung Galaxy S7 is the Way to Go!

Choosing a new phone can drive you bonkers.  You want the best.  Why not when you’re investing into something and using it daily.  Take the time and do the research.   First phone to research is the new Samsung S7. When you pick a Samsung product you know you’ve picked a quality item. They’ve managed […]

Experience Something Like No Other With The BLUE MAN GROUP!

First timers have it the best cause you have no idea what to expect when you see the Blue Man Group.  Yes, they’re blue but now I know why people keep coming back to their shows. For my first show I didn’t really think much of it.  I knew they threw some paint around,  played […]

Broadway at The Paramount 2016/2017 Announcement!

Get ready for some great shows at the Paramount in Seattle!!  The 2016/2017 KeyBank Broadway at The Paramount season brings another year of superb entertainment to The Paramount Theatre, with a roster of can’t miss shows! The 2016/2017 Season begins with the inspiring true story of Carole King and her rise to stardom in the […]

Blue Man Group on Tour!

Blue Man Group is on tour and heading to a city near you!  I’m super excited that they’ll be stopping in my home town of Seattle.   This is a unique performance when it leaves you on the edge of your seats and you I always wonder why I wasn’t born with that capability! SEATTLE […]

Marvel Universe Live!

Every child that loves Marvel is going to love seeing MARVEL UNIVERSE LIVE!  All their favorite characters performing a show with some amazing stunts and performances!  Kids can now get dressed in their favorite hero costume and not even be Halloween.  Come cheer on MARVEL! Marvel fans, assemble! Marvel Universe LIVE! is taking the live […]