Foster Farms Refrigerated Grilled Chicken Giveaway!

Lets face it…  life can be hectic.  Work, kids activities, cleaning, or just trying to enjoy whats left of summer.  Sometimes you want to enjoy every minute of the day with out spending a bunch of time slaving over the kitchen preparing a meal.  With Foster Farms refrigerated grilled chicken now you can just pull […]

SOLOSHOT2 is the perfect gift for this Father’s Day!

Are you looking for that unique gift for that dad in your life?   Men can be so hard to buy for these days. I am tired of getting the same things every year.   That is why when I found SOLOSHOT2 I was very excited about this product and wanted to share it with […]

Tackle Kids’ Sports Stains

If you have a kid in sports then you undoubtedly are dealing with stains. Our friends at Tide/Gain/Downy have put together a nice little slide show chock full of tips & tricks for you. From grass stains to mud and sweat to blood tackling Kids’ Sports Stains seems like a simple task after flipping through […]

Decorating Boys Bedroom Ideas

Boys rooms can be difficult sometimes depending on the age.  If they are young enough then you can decorate it to your liking.  Once they get a little older then they have their own say.  Every child is different and trying to meet their needs can be hard.  But if you look around and think […]