Put On The Brakes with KIA |Teen Driver’s Training

When I was a teen the only thing I thought about (besides boys) was getting my licenses.   I just wanted to get in a car and drive!   The driving classes help you but once you finally get your license it can be quite scary.  Weather changes, people can act crazy on the roads… […]

Tween Birthday Party Ideas

Not quite a Teen (might act like one) but still young enough to enjoy some of the fun stuff and yet they want to plan their own parties now.  Basically, its getting more difficult each year.  lol Too old for Chuck-e-Cheese and too young for letting them loose on their own.  They are at a […]

8 Tips from AT&T to Keep Kids’ Identity Intact in a ‘Share’-Happy Age

Kids are growing up online more publicly than ever before. Embarrassing photos and videos that used to be reserved for family are now wafting out over the Internet and onto social media networks. Below are some tips on how to keep your children safe in the ‘share’ happy world we now live in. 1. Think […]

Braces Then, Invisalign Now! #INVStraightTalk #ad

Braces Then, Invisalign Now!  This is now the new way to straighten your teeth for the same price as braces and you can hardly see them! Have you been wanting straight teeth but didn’t want to have a “brace face”?? This is also perfect for teens too that need alterations in their teeth and would […]