Thanksgiving Kids Craft Ideas

Crafts is one of the best things to keep kids busy on Thanksgiving.  Plus, they get to keep their treasured art piece and hopefully (if it makes it to next Thanksgiving) bring it out next year as a decoration.  Kids love decorating with their own art work.  Not only does making crafts take up some […]

Thanksgiving Casserole Recipes

Having a casserole on Thanksgiving is great for so many reasons.  Guests can bring this already made, you can fit many in one oven, depending on what it is you can make the day before, less dishes to clean, and they typically are a hit! Here are some delicious recipes to inspire you for Thanksgiving […]

Yummy Thanksgiving Desserts

So your already full from the bountiful Thanksgiving dinner, so why not indulge in a yummy Thanksgiving dessert!   Something about Thanksgiving and stuffing yourself till you can’t breathe just is what you do.   But being with your family and friends and all of your going through the same thing is pretty awesome! Here […]

Thanksgiving Side Dishes

Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate with family and friends.  Preparing that turkey or ham and lots of other yummy food.  Indulge in eating and having a great time.  That smell in the house that only comes once a year.  Here are some Thanksgiving side dishes to help you out as you plan your Thanksgiving […]

Pumpkin, Pumpkin & Pumpkin! Loads of Delicious Desserts!

I love pumpkin and anything made with pumpkin.  Something about fall and hearing the word pumpkin.  Seeing pumpkins at the store and the color orange.  Great feeling of autumn in the air.  Now lets make some delicious desserts with this fall treat! ………. ……………… PUMPKIN PIE BARS Click HERE for this recipe ………….. NO BAKE […]

DIY Fall Wreaths

I love fall and the crisp air that it brings.  Leaves turning colors and Holidays about to come.  But what I also love is being able to finally decorate my home again!  Some of us don’t always have the time or money to fully decorate our homes but what we can do is little things […]

Roasted Turkey Recipes

Cooking a turkey is rather quite simple.  It’s the cleaning of it that I don’t care for but once you get it all cleaned and dry it with a towel…  set it in your pan… you are ready to go.   Just cooks away in your oven and tortures you for hours with the best […]

Creative Fall Centerpieces!

Bring the Season to life with these great Fall Centerpiece Ideas! CLICK HERE to learn more about these fall centerpieces!

Painted Pumpkins

Pumpkins don’t need to be carved anymore!  If you want to get pumpkins now and decorate them then paint them.  They will last a lot longer then carving a pumpkin.  You can get really creative.  I have helped you with these fun ideas! …………. FOOTBALL PUMPKIN Will need to find a tall skinny one to […]

Yummy Left Over Turkey recipes!

You have all this turkey left over and you can either do what I normally do and the easy and boring way… just heating it up and having it the same way every night or you can change it up every night. Learn all the different ways to cook with turkey. If you Hopefully you […]