All The Luxury and Safety You Need With The Kia Sedona SXL

The Sedona SXL blew my mind away when I saw this mini van or AKA MPV(Multi Purpose Vehicle).  I was not expecting quite a vehicle like this.  I guess since I grew up having a mini van that I just had it in my mind that I was never ever ever going to have one. […]

The $5.00 Savings Plan

Saving money is not always fun.  When you have it you like to spend it.  But when you need it you don’t have it.  However, once you start a savings plan and have been saving for awhile then it starts to add up and can be addicting.  Kind of like losing weight… beginning is painful […]

Test Drive the New Kia Sorento Today! #DriveKia

Looking for a mid-sized SUV can be overwhelming.  So many to choose from and typically you stick with a brand you know and trust.  Where you can go wrong here is missing out on a really good vehicle because you don’t know about it or don’t want to venture out of your brands.  I would’ve […]

Are Families Happier Today Than 40 Years Ago?

Family time is important whether its small or large.  I remember just sitting on the back deck with my dad and giggling (no idea what we were laughing about) and drinking some orange juice.  Or going berry picking with the family.  We couldn’t leave till we filled up all the tupperware but I remember those […]

AT&T Launches LTE Roaming in More Countries; Remains Only U.S. Carrier to Offer International Data Roaming on LTE

Big news today for U.S. citizens who want to use their mobile phone while on business or vacation overseas.  AT&T announced today that it has launched 4G LTE data roaming in 13 more countries, remaining the only U.S. carrier to offer 4G LTE data speeds abroad and expanding the international LTE footprint available to its […]

Sitting by Strangers on Planes

How do you like flying?  It is a very interesting experience.  You are forced to sit next to a stranger and in hopes that they are normal (like you).  If you are lucky they are not the type that talk off your ear about their whole life.  However, I have met some really great people […]

Tips for Packing Kids Clothing

I love traveling with my family but I have noticed that you really need to be some what organized when it comes to kids clothes to make it way easier on us parents.  It really does help in the end when you get to your destination and all you have to do is open the […]

Easy Savings Plan

Creating a savings plan can be easier then you think.  If you are wanting to save for a vacation or next years Holidays now is the time to start doing it.  You will be quite surprised how fast your money will start saving up!  Next time you go to the store, take an extra out […]